Our Success and Company History minarfashion.com is an exciting new way to buy artificial jeweller and bridal jewellery accessories online


Minarfashion.com is an online initiative of minar fashion jewellery . Minar fashion jewellery is a registered firm, which under MINARCO TRADING PVT LTD. We are the ones who first introduced the concepts of designer artificial jewelry for women in Kerala. We started our journey before the early 2000s. People's who used to purchase gold and diamonds jewellery for occasions like weddings have found artificial jewellery a less expensive alternative than gold ornaments. We provide high-quality artificial jewelry to the customer which is the replica of designer ornaments in the original gold jewelry.Minar fashion jewelry is mainly focused on Customers get a wide range of affordable CZ, Antique, exclusive south Indian gold plated jewellery, ethnic nagas temple jewelry, and Kerala traditional ornaments in one gram plate, etc . Our store is the destination that houses beautiful contemporary designs suitable to the discerning taste of today's vibrant buyers.Our online and offline showroom takes you into the world of exclusive bridal jewellery collections where you find Tikkas, Hipchain, Jumkkies, Maatil(ear chain) Naath, Jumar, Heavy complete bridal sets etc. Carrying on with the tradition of fashion jewellery there is an extensive range of gold, diamond Kundan jewellery showcased at our store. The best designer imitation and Kundan jewellery is available for you to see here.Team minar focus on various aspects of the fashion jewelry segment. our wholesale division is Kerala's largest artificial ornaments supplier, and our online and offline showrooms are the best seller of designer artificial jewelry. We day to day update with our new collections on every digital platform.Our backend team focuses on varrious aspects of the organization like online sale support through various social media like whatsapp , instagram , facebook , e mail , and our online web store www.minarfashion.com​
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Welcome to Minar Fashion Jewellery, your number one source for all kinds of Artificial Jewellery. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of ornaments, with an emphasis on quality and latest designs. We constantly think about our customers and their preferences to design our jewellery that brings out the best in us.Founded in 2000 by Ganesh Kuzhippalli, Minar Fashion Jewellery has come a long way from its beginnings in Kozhikode. When Ganesh Kuzhippalli first started out, he was inspired by the fact that people are becoming obsessed with jewelry. But later his passion to see people of all status in our society especially brides wearing latest, well designed and fashionable ornaments, as they wish, that too in affordable price compared to Gold Jewellery, drove him and his wife to start their own business.We hope you enjoy and love our jewellery as much as we enjoy offering them to you. We thoughtfully source our materials from leading suppliers to ensure top quality experience making our fashion jewellery 100% Skin Friendly. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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